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Contour Pro

Biometric Scale

Whole Body

Which Life-Lite Product will make you Happy?

Every Life-Lite product delivers outstanding results and levels do not indicate higher or lower clinical outcome potential. Levels are created to help you find  the best price-point to deliver the business growth that makes you and your client happy. 

The following are the fundamental considerations when selecting your equipment.  

  • SPACE: Machines that occupy less space with the same treatment time will obviously produce more revenue per square foot making you happier.

  • TREATMENT DURATION: Machines with lower treatment times will have faster turn around and naturally present a higher earning potential for the space and time. 

  • LABOR REQUIREMENT: Unattended machines present a lower cost of operation year after year, saving your business an average of $27,000 to $41,000 annually. If you are already busy and have little time, then a bed style NIR (near infrared) machine will be the best option. 

  • TURNOVER TIME: Setup and removal of equipment from the patient, as well as cleaning and prep time, all play a part in turnover time. A shorter turnover time means that you have the ability to help more people!

  • Investment: With Life-Lite Industries, the larger the investment the larger the income potential and the happier you will be in the long run. If you are new to the industry and cautious, the "Franchise Trial" may be the better option for you. Please contact us to learn more about this option. 

The "Happiest" combination would be an un-attended machine, with the smallest footprint, lowest treatment time and quickest  turnover time. 



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(NIR) Near Infra-Red

Multiple nanometer wavelengths to provide multiple outcomes:

  • 450nm: acne control. Sterilize bacteria & Clear up acne. 

  • 635nm: Fat reduction, skin health, reduces inflammation and speeds recovery.

  • 810nm: Pain mitigation and increased rate of healing by increasing cellular respiration at the mitochondrial level. 

  • 940nm: Reduces inflammation and can have immediate lasting analgesic (pain reduction) effect.

Unit Configurations

  • Vertical: Highest income potential unit on the market. Maximum 10 min turnover times Lowest space requirement, fastest turnover times, lowest labor costs, greatest income potential of any unit on the market, ideal for areas with high lease rates, maximum happiness potential. 

  • Horizontal: This technology and configuration is DEAD.   Lets be honest everyone has this unit and sells them for $65,000-$122,000. They Require a 10'x12' room for each unit and are slower. We beat them with a Vertical unit that takes less space and has faster treatment times and costs less. We even have Marketing and Training for your staff. 

  • Portable: Have to use space that you have? Need assurance that this business model is going to pay off with the success and happiness you desire? Just need some support to keep on track and put the equipment to work for you? We are here with the best price in the industry and support you need as a new start up. Our 2 week trial will show you this is a life changing business model. Remember, you are going to get busy so plan on working a few more hours to take in new clients. 

 • Receive up to $5000 in ADA tax credits  

 • Receive $15,000-$32,500 in tax rebates

 • Receive tax credits on monthly lease payments for qualified clinics 

1 Contour Pro FET_RF.png
  • Slim, Contour, strengthen your body

  • Builds and tones muscle to add contour

  • Natural, permeant fat reduction

  • Painless + no downtime

  • Fast 30-minute treatment times

1 Contour Pro FET_RF.png

Body contouring and sculpting through non-surgical non invasive methods.

For people within 20-30 lbs of their ideal weight this machine can deliver six-pack abs and a Brazilian butt lift. 

Focused Electromagnetic Technology

FET uses a powerful but harmless form of electromagnetic stimulation to contract the muscles in a targeted area. These magnetic fields create electrical currents, which are passed to the muscles. FET technology is a way to rapidly contract muscle groups like in your abdomen, arms, and chest. Magnetic fields pass through muscles creating electric currents  which stimulate 20,000 muscle contractions in 30minutes,  toning and building Strength. 

Focused Radio-Frequency

Radio Frequency creates heat that causes fat cells to break down which are then removed by the lymphatic system. RF also tightens skin to provide a smoother tighter appearance for the area treated. 

Contour Pro offers treatment for many more conditions like: 

  • Pelvic floor weakness

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Urinary incontinence                         (Addition of seat attachment)

  • Core muscular weakness

  • Diastasis recti 

  • Muscular Atrophy

Biometric Scale: 

Measure 8 parameters. You will never again have a client say "I'm not getting anywhere" . Whether you use an upright full or entry level scale it is the objective measurement that matters.  Full Scales offer digital reports that save you time and expense. 

Vibration Plate.png

Whole Body Vibration Plate. 

Whole body vibration is essential for excellent results. Whether you use a combination treatment or solo you are going to need a vibe plate.  After breaking down fat cells, whole body vibration moves fat through the lymphatic system for elimination from the body. Clients will spend 10 minutes on vibration plates after each treatment session. A 1:1 ratio of treatment units to vibration plates is essential and Life-Lite delivers the best value in the industry. 

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