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Compare LIFE-LITE 

Want total satisfaction that you are making the best decision with your investment?
Compare LIFE-LITE products to the competition and you will see that we exceed in power, price, production capacity and advertising support.

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Market Comparison:


There is no comparison!

Treatment Turnover Time: 

Fastest on the Market 6-8.5 min -vs- 15-30 minutes for the competition.

"SOLANA" can produce 2x the treatments in the same time compared to Davinci Medical HD 360 Pro at $118,000.

Solana has the potential to deliver $1,112,400 more service per year than the runner up at the best price point. 

Vertical Orientation:

Solana is the only Vertically oriented machine on the market.

Which uses 75 square feet less office space saving you on average $3,800-$5,000/yr per unit.

Lowest labor costs:

Unattended (turn it on from your front desk).

Self sterilizing using 450nm wavelength.

Saves up to $45,000/yr dependent on labor costs in your area.

(compared to mobile units requiring application by staff). 

3 Months Digital Advertising Included

We leave the competition behind by delivering 3 months of social media ad management (you cover ad cost). This provides an average of 15-30 new clients each month, included for the fist 3 months ($12,000 value).


LIFE-LITE "MOBILE"  Near Infra-Red

  • Compared to Invisa-Red:

    • Power:

      • LIFE-LITE MOBILE is 54% more powerful​

    • Treatment Time:

      • Invisa-Red 1 treatment every 30 minutes

      • LIFE-LITE MOBILE 1 treatment every 15 minutes

    • Price: Save $15,000 with LIFE-LITE

    • ​Income Potential:
      • Can produce up to $3,000 more per day

  • Compare to Dahlia:

    • LIFE-LITE costs $5,000 less​

    • Extended warranty available with LIFE-LITE

  • Compare to Zerona:

    • Power:​ 

      • LIFE-LITE is 72% more power

    • Treatment Time:

      • Zerona/InvisaRed 1 treatment every 30 minutes​

      • LIFE-LITE MOBILE 1 treatment every 15 minutes

    • ​Price:

      • LIFE-LITE MOBILE costs $25,000 to $50,000 less

    • Income Potential:​

      • LIFE-LITE MOBILE can produce up to $3,000 more in services per day. 

CONTOUR PRO Body Sculpting


  • Power & Results

    • CONTOUR PRO uses a 15 Tesla coil compared to the competitions 13 Tesla Coil.

    • Our machine is 15.38% more powerful​.

    • Better Results

  • Price:

    • Save $305,000 with LIFE-LITE CONTOUR PRO.

  • Replacement Treatment Heads:

    • Other manufacturers turn off  treatment head units after 300 treatment sessions and require replacements at a cost of $30,000 per set. 

    • Head Replacement with LIFE-LITE is only $1,000 per head and they last at least 3 years under warranty with the ability to purchase an extended warranty. 

  • Service

    • LIFE-LITE: 3 Year comprehensive warranty with ability to purchase up to a 10 year extended warranty starting at $450/year (not available with competition). 

Get an appointment and answers to your questions. 

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