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Advertising Your Lipo-Laser & Body Contouring Business is Part of the Package!

Our Services

2 Months of social media advertising management for free from "Lead Pro Digital Advertising". 

Most companies charge $1500-$2000 a month for agency fees plus how ever much you spend on social media advertising (ad-spend). The average office spends upwards of $3,000 per month with the old model. 

Lead Pro will work for you and all they ask is for the chance to prove they can Deliver.

Lead Pro's model is simple. You cover the cost of software $200/mo and ad-spend on Facebook and Instagram (you determine how much you want to spend and when) and they will deliver 15-30 new clients each month on average (based on and average $1000 ad spend per month). The initial visit fee paid by the customer is how they get paid. When someone signs up and pays they get paid. It is a great way to advertise without risk. Lead Pro cuts the cost of social media advertising in half!

2 Months of Digital Advertising Included

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