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Training Modules:

  • Owner/Operator

  • Manager

  • Staff/Technician

  • Evaluator/Coach  

  • Equipment Operation 

Lite-Life training modules deliver the information you and your staff need to operate your Near Infra-Red laser weight loss and body contouring business.

Life-Lite also offers hands on live training. We can even help you with your opening day. 

For more information complete the request form below. 

Training Materials are Proprietary and Reserved for the use of Life-Lite Franchisees

Training materials include:

  • Operations manuals

  • Video Tutorials

  • Office and Intake Forms 

  • Live training (if desired)

  • Office Coaching Calls

  • Grand Opening Assistance (Life-Lite's Experienced staff will assist your Grand Opening)

  • Statistical Analysis and Re-Training Materials. 

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