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Operation & Delegation

Get your business to work for you, instead of you working for it!

Training Modules for Owner & Staff

You don't want to invent the wheel. You just want them on your sports car so that it will roll with the top down. 

We have the materials you need in an entertaining format. 

Remote Data Driven Decision Making

Numbers don't lie.

Learn to manage by the numbers.

We will train you to assess the operations of your business based on the numbers.

Consistent Reproducibility 

Learn: how to operate the business.

Qualify: through training and testing.

Implement: put your skills to work, producing happiness.

Delegate & Observe: release the operation to trained staff.

Reproduce: start another office with free time. 

Training Materials 

Training Materials include:

  • Pre-testing

  • Written and Video training with follow along workbook to keep you and staff engaged.

  • Qualification testing

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