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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Guide your business through data.  Our platform will deliver you the ability to look at the data and know what training your staff needs to maximize your business. Below are some of the metrics used to determine the effectiveness of your team.

New Patient Appearance Rate

The percentage of persons paying for your initial offer who show up is dependent on how well your systems and staff guide them in. Our systems are built on 40 years of experience in health and spa sales.  There is no faster way to stunt the growth of your clinic and happiness then to get people signing up and then not showing. We have created system that delivers a 98% appearance rate.

New Patient Conversion Rate

This is the hardest metric to face when you are starting out. The probability that you or your staff have sold $1,200 to $5,000 services. Being able to get data instantaneously on your employees will deliver you the ability to retrain before it gets out of hand. 

Re-Sign Rate

Do you want the remote ability to see if your staff is doing the best job at helping clients over the hurdle of signing up for another package so they can reach "Their Goals"? Our software will give you the ability to manage from a distance.

Maintenance Conversion Rate

Maintaining weight should be smooth sailing but, 80% of people are not going to change lifestyle and need maintenance visits. Our data driven analytics help you guide employees to their best performance. Sometimes people slack or just forget to do their job. Now you can see it happen quickly and correct it and you don't even have to step inside the clinic. When the stats change you can deliver the career saving training your staff needs. 

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